Why Invest in a High-End Nail Salon?

Business, style and beauty news site Fashionista says that the age of the high-end nail salon is upon us.

Gone are the days of the grubby salon experience being acceptable to clients – people want glamour and style, at prices that reflect the value they receive, not just a special price at any cost. High-end products, impeccable sanitary conditions, excellent customer service and differentiators such as nail art and complementary retail products and services are what makes high-end salons stand out above the rest.

Customers quickly start to understand that coming to a high-end nail salon means something different than the run of the mill salon experience. In fact, the key is in the word “experience” – people are looking for a unique experience more and more, and where better to offer one than at a place that was always traditionally run the same way – a nail salon?

Tammy Taylor nail salons have proven this concept, both in South Africa and the USA, where the brand was originally founded by Tammy Taylor herself in 1983. Over the past two and a half decades, the brand has proven that quality trumps everything, whether it’s in products, service or experience.

Other nail brands in the US have followed suit, and the high-end nail salon is on the rise as a wise investment for entrepreneurs.

Although many still prefer convenience over service and price in general, nail salons are a unique outlier, in that convenience and price mean nothing if your nails look terrible or you don’t enjoy the experience. Investing in a high-end nail salon therefore offers you the opportunity to capitalise on this, as your customers will have a good understanding of what they are paying for – they’ll see it every day at their fingertips!

If you’re interested in investing in a high-end nail salon, click here for more information.

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