what makes a tammy taylor manicure unique

What Makes a Tammy Taylor Manicure Unique?


The manicure is one of those treats that every woman deserves to have at least a few times a year. That fresh nail feel is enough to revive your confidence and get you ready to face just about everything that comes your way.

But at Tammy Taylor Global Franchising, we are well known for offering our clients the ultimate manicure which is the diamond patent manicure. Using natural diamonds and our incredible skillset, we transform nails into stunning works of art. And when wearing our diamond patent nails, it is hard to feel anything other than an absolute princess.

Tammy Taylor is a brand that is now well over 35 years old and is backed up by not only its long business history but also by the individual experience and skills brought in by each new nail tech.

The Tammy Taylor Global Franchising brand is committed to giving clients a luxury service. While we do offer all of the much loved, more conventional manicures and nail art treatments, it is our application, removal, and re-installation of natural diamonds that has everyone talking.

It doesn’t matter which Tammy Taylor Global Franchising salon you visit, you will find this diamond patent service in every one of our salons. You will have the option of choosing the number of diamonds you’d like on each nail, and if you are unsure about what kind of design you’d like to go for, you can always ask for the professional opinion of our nail techs. They have worked with nails of all kinds and will be able to give you an answer based on your expectations, as well as your nail shape.

Unique manicure

What makes the diamond nail different?


Aside from the fact that the diamond nail manicure is about as close to the royal nail treatment as you can get, there are a few other reasons why this particular nail treatment is different from the rest.

For starters, we are the only nail salon in South Africa to offer a diamond manicure. This particular treatment has been patented by Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa. You can have a look at the official patent on our website.

Secondly, the diamonds that adorn your nails can be easily removed and reapplied by our nail technicians. This means should your manicure be damaged or should you notice that the manicure is starting to grow out, you won’t lose your precious diamonds. You can just return for an appointment at Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa and we will professionally remove and then reapply your diamonds.

Finally, this manicure allows for some creativity. You will have the option of choosing just how many diamonds you’d like to wear on your nails. You can add anything from 1 diamond per nail to 13 or more, and you can also choose the particular nail colour you’d like or you can stick to the much-beloved white tips.

For more information about our gorgeous diamond manicure, or to make an appointment for your nails to be adorned with diamonds, you can give us a call.

Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa is a well-established health and beauty franchise. Get in touch with our team today.

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