what every nail tech should know

What Every Nail Tech Should Know


Many think that becoming a nail tech is all about the art and getting to meet plenty of interesting customers, but the reality is that there is a whole business side of things that you need to get to grips with and an entire industry that you need to adapt to.


When you first join the exciting and creative world of nail art application, you should be patient with yourself. There is a lot to learn and a lot to explore, and if you were to rush the experience by trying to learn everything at once, you will easily be overwhelmed to the point that you forget to enjoy this new path that you find yourself on.

To get the best start in the industry, joining the Tammy Taylor Global Franchising Nail School is a great way to give yourself a good foundation from which to build your career. Our nail school is taught by highly skilled and experienced nail technicians, those who know the industry inside out and who can guide you towards a highly successful career in this particular field.

If you are considering a career as a nail tech, or if you are already a nail tech and you are looking for a way to improve your knowledge, this is what every nail tech should know about the industry.

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Networking is the key to a long career


Many nail technicians are by nature a social bunch. We love to chat with our clients as much as we love to get to know those who are working in our field. When you are looking to make sure that you have the best opportunities and if you are looking for a mentor or just a knowledgeable person to turn to when you need guidance, the best way to find such people would be to network.

Networking can be done at social events or industry expos, and you can even just network when you arrive at the salon you will be working at. And you should most certainly make a point of creating a portfolio, which you can share with those who are interested in seeing your art.


Training and education will build your career


Just because you have completed your basic nail training, it doesn’t mean that you have learned everything that there is to know. When in this industry, it is so important to keep up with the latest knowledge of the industry and the latest tips and techniques involved with the work that you do. This way, not only will you be able to give your clients a better service but you will also be able to stay ahead of your colleagues.

Be open-minded to advance your career


Don’t forget that you are first and foremost an artist! You quite probably entered this industry in order to express your art and make others happy, so once you are a full time working nail tech, the industry is going to greatly benefit from your skills so long as you stay open minded about what it is that you do.

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