Become Your Own Boss With Tammy Taylor’s Training and Recruitment Program in South Africa

Become Your Own Boss With Tammy Taylor’s Training and Recruitment Program in South Africa

Tammy Taylor Nails is a renowned American nail brand that has made its mark in the South African market back in 2015. One of our personal business missions is to use our platform to provide employment opportunities for women across the country. Read more below to find out how you can become your own boss with Tammy Taylor by joining our training and recruitment program in South Africa.

In the world we are living in today, most women are deciding to look for employment opportunities or start a business of their own. In South Africa, there has been an increase in the amount of interest women are paying to employment opportunities. The beauty and cosmetology industry is perfect for women who are looking for opportunities to earn an income or to start a business of their own.

We at Tammy Taylor Nails are proud to use our platform as a stepping stone for women in South Africa. We want to share our skills and experience with women when are interested in becoming their own boss. This is why we created a training and recruitment program for qualified nail technicians and beauty therapist in South Africa who are looking to kick-start their career in the nail and beauty industry.

Our Training and Recruitment Program



If you are looking for an exciting career opportunity that will change your life, then we have a solution for you. Each month, our company hosts a nail technician training and recruitment program for eighteen qualified nail technicians and beauty therapists in South Africa. This five-day training course takes place in Pretoria, Gauteng, and provides the candidates with a series of informative classes to learn from and participate in. These classes are:


  • Conversion Course
  • Advanced Course
  • Sculpt Workshop
  • Gel Technical Class
  • Masterclass
  • Optiphi Skincare Training
  • Operations & Sales Training


All of the training provided over the five days is to ensure that each individual is trained according to the high standards of the brand.

The last and final assessment that the candidates will go through is for a chance to be employed as a professional nail technician at one of the one hundred Tammy Taylor nail spa salons in South Africa. The candidates who successfully complete this assessment will also be provided with an opportunity to attend an exclusive Masterclass where they will learn skills that will make them a cut above the rest in their field of work.

By choosing to participate in our training and recruitment program, you will gain all of the skills you need to become a professional and successful nail technician in South Africa. Not only this, but you also have a shot at employment for a highly respected nail brand in the world.

Our company was created by a powerful, driven female entrepreneur and it was also introduced to the South African market by another successful female entrepreneur. This is why it is so important for us to turn women into bosses, starting in South Africa.


How To Apply to Become Your Own Boss


For those who are interested in becoming their own boss with Tammy Taylor Nails, all you have to do is download and fill out the online application form from our website before submitting it for approval. If your application is a success, you will be advised to bring a copy of your CV and your  South African ID along with you to the first day of training.

It is important for us to mention that all successful applicants need to make sure that they make payment to secure their spot in our training course. The training fee is a non-refundable fee that is charged to ensure your spot is secured in our program. Once payment has been made, you must send sign and send your application form and proof of payment to at least three days before the training is scheduled. All applicants must be at least eighteen years or older to apply for this course.


General Rules and Guidelines


Here are some of the rules and regulations that apply to our training and recruitment program in South Africa:


  • All of the training classes that are scheduled for those five days will start at half-past eight in the morning. It is your responsibility to make sure to attend each class on time. If you fail to do this, you will be penalized.
  • If you are participating in the beginner course, you need to make arrangements for a model to be available for days two, three, four, and five.
  • For those who are participating in the advanced class and the conversion class, your model is required to attend the training program on the first, second, and third day of the course.
  • It is your own responsibility to arrange a model for the days you need one. You also need to make sure that they attend class with no product on their nails.
  • If you are attending the conversion class, please make sure that you come with your own kit.

To find out more information about our rules and regulations for the training and recruitment program, please make sure to speak to one of our professional staff members.


Contact Us to Learn How You Can Become Your Own Boss


We are very proud to provide talented and qualified females with an opportunity to become their own boss. Please feel free to give us a call if you would like to find out more information about our training and recruitment program in South Africa. All applicants also need to remember to mention which class they would like to participate in when filling out the application form. You can choose between a beginner class, an advanced course and even a conversion course too. For a full list of the courses, you can choose from, make sure to visit our website. We look forward to turning you into a successful boss lady soon.

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