Top Tips for Nail Care at Home 

Top Tips for Nail Care at Home


Let’s face it, most women, and some men too love to go the extra mile when it comes to taking care of their nails. Maybe you are the type of person who prefers to continuously paint your nails as a form of self-care, or maybe you have a really bad habit of constantly biting your nails and are looking for a healthy way to look after your nails at home. Whatever the cause may be, we have you covered with some of our top tips for nail care at home.

Why Should I Look After My Nails at Home?

Most people do not realize this but we use our hands for almost every single thing that we do in our daily lives.


Our nails are a body part that other people tend to notice about us when meeting for the first time. It is really important to dedicate some of your free time at home to take care of your nails. Having good nails can also act as a confidence booster for most women.

Since COVID-19 has forced us to remain at home to prevent spreading the disease to our friends and family members, most businesses such as nail salons have also closed their doors in efforts to help flatten the curve. Fortunately, we at Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa provides you with some useful tips and tricks to keep your nails looking healthy and feeling strong.

At Home Nail Care Tips for Women

Taking care of your nails ensures that they will grow healthy and strong. If you do not take the time to care for your nails, they could grow some fungal or bacterial infections which can be harmful to your skin and nails too. Below we discuss five top tips for nail care at home, these include:

1.      Try to keep your fingernails dry and clean

If you want to make sure that your nails remain healthy is by simply trying to keep them as clean and dry as possible while at home. doing this will help to eliminate any bacteria from growing under your nails. Harsh cleaning chemicals can also damage your nails. Try to wear cotton-lined rubber gloves while washing the dishes to make sure that your nails keep dry when coming in contact with water.


2.      Moisturize your hands

It may seem a bit obvious, but one of the biggest tips for at-home nails care is to ensure that your hands are always kept moist to prevent the skin on your hands from drying. This is especially useful around the winter season. Often at home, we tend to do chores such as washing the dishes that involve our hands to come into contact with water. This could lead to our hands and nails becoming dry and brittle. Now more than ever washing our hands and applying sanitizers as often as we do results in flaky skin and unhealthy nails. Try to apply hand cream to your hands at least two to three times a day.


3.      Moisturize your cuticles with cuticle oil

Many people forget that taking care of their nails also includes moisturizing their cuticles too. Our cuticles are there to protect our nails as well as the skin surrounding them. One of the best ways to moisturize your cuticles at home is by massaging some olive oil onto the cuticles and the skin around them before going to bed. This will ensure that it does not become dry and will also stimulate your nail growth. If you happen to have some cuticle oil lying around somewhere in your cupboard at home, you could opt to apply it to the cuticles. This works just as well as the olive oil does.


4.      Try filing your nails instead of biting them

If you are someone who has a bad habit of biting your nails, then this tip is for you. Biting your nails causes them to grow back uneven and makes the edges of your nails look frayed. Not only this, biting your nails can cause you to feel sick since we do not know what types of bacteria may fall under our nails. Biting them allows these bacteria to enter our body unintentionally. Instead of biting, try to file your nails whenever you have the urge to bite them off. This will help to remove the frayed look from your nails and to keep them at a healthy length too.


5.      Clip your nails regularly

Besides filing your nails to make them shorter, you should defiantly practice clipping your nails regularly. Long fingernails tend to collect bacteria and dirty at a much faster rate than shorter nails. Try to clip your fingernails and toenails at least once a week to prevent the spread of infections.


If you like these tips and are interested in learning more tricks on how to properly take care of your nails, be sure to speak to our professional nail technicians at a Tammy Taylor nail spa salon near you.

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Brief Background on the Tammy Taylor Brand

Tammy Taylor Nails is an American nail brand that has made its mark in South Africa with more than one hundred nail and beauty salons operating in different locations across the country. The brand was first established back in 1981 when Tammy was just eighteen years old. Since then, her name has become one of the most trusted nail brands in the cosmetology and beauty industry.


In 2015, the Tammy Taylor nail brand found its way into the hearts of millions of South African women with the help of businesswoman and entrepreneur Melany Viljoen. At the time, Melany was searching for a new and exciting product to introduce to the South African market when she came across the Tammy Taylor nail brand. Since then, more than one hundred nail salons have opened their doors in South Africa with Melany as the President of Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa.


An interesting fact about the Tammy Taylor nail salons in South Africa is that they have exclusive rights to apply natural diamonds on real nails. The President of Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa, Melany Viljoen holds a patent to apply diamonds on nails.


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