Top 5 Benefits of Entrepreneurship for Women

According to a recent Forbes article, the number of women-owned businesses increased nearly 3000% since the early 1970s. With women making up almost 40% of entrepreneurs globally, here are Forbes’ Top 5 reasons why women are choosing entrepreneurship over climbing the corporate ladder:
  1. More Flexibility In most families, women are still the primary caregiver, whether by necessity or choice. It could mean they are caring for children or ageing parents, but either way flexibility is important to accommodate family needs. Being your own boss generally allows you more freedom than working for someone else, and although you will probably work just as hard, you can work smarter.

  2. Earn Your Worth May jobs don’t pay market-related salaries or offer no opportunity for women to increase their income. Even worse, the income connected to these jobs is disproportionate to input. Entrepreneurs have the ability to determine their own income based on the effort they put in.

  3. Control Your Future Working for a company – big or small – is no guarantee of a job. Between retrenchments and restructuring, no job is safe, and it’s more than likely out of your control. Working for yourself means you make the decisions, and you determine the outcome. Your future is in your hands.

  4. Be The Boss Many women still experience the glass ceiling in business – an invisible, yet very real, impediment to career advancement. Running your own business means you’re already at the top of your game, and you don’t need to rely on someone else’s goodwill to get there.

  5. Follow Your Passion Often we get stuck in jobs through a range of career decisions that were made for various reasons at the time – better salary, job security, close to home or the first one that offered us something. Very few of those people are actually following their passion, sadly. Starting your own business offers you the chance to follow your dream, doing something you love every day. Life’s too short to waste it on something you don’t care about!
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