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Seven Different Nail Shapes That You Never Knew About

At our Tammy Taylor Nail Bar, one of the things we take pride in is educating our clients on everything they need to know about their nails. There are so many options of nail shapes to choose from. Should you go for the round look? Oval? Square? In this article, we will discuss seven different nail shapes that are in style and are a popular choice that we would recommend for our clients to try at their next manicure appointment.

One of the most important tips we give our clients when it comes to finding the best nail shape for them is to start off by looking at your cuticles. Your cuticles can give the best clue when it comes to finding the best nail shape for you. If you have a round cuticle shape, most nail technicians would recommend that you start by trying the round nail shape. 

Seven Types of Nail Shapes That You Can Go for in 2021

Today we are spoiled for choice when it comes to nail shapes. This is because of the fact that there are so many new types to choose from. Thanks to influencers and social media, new nail shapes have started to emerge. Here is our choice of seven of the best nail shapes out there:


1.      Square shaped nails 


The square nail shape is one of the most popular shapes that most women choose to go for dimple because it is the safest option for a clean look. 

Square shaped nails are usually flat on top with straight, sharp corners on the nail. This style is a great option for women who have long nails or narrow nail beds. One of the reasons why most women love to choose this nail shape is because it does not require much maintenance. It works well especially for working women who like to make sure that their nails look good both at home and in the boardroom as well. 


2.      Round shaped nails 


The next most popular shape after the square is round-shaped nails. Round nails are the best choice for women who have the habit of biting their nails because this look requires the nail to be clipped short. 

This classic look has straight sides but then curves at the edges to follow the natural shape of your nail. What we like about round shaped nails is that it has an elegant look and suits any colour of nail polish too. Women across the world love this nail shape because it does not break easily. This allows them to complete their daily tasks without having to worry about breaking a nail. 


3.      Oval shaped nails 


For women who like to keep slightly longer nails, the oval shape is for you. Oval nails also work well to make your hands look longer and slimmer too. This look requires your nails to be shaped round, with orders that point inwards. 

We find that women who also have short nails want to try the round look too. We suggest that clients with shorter nails can have the oval shape if they choose to grow their manicure out. 


4.      Rounded Square shaped nails 


For those of you who can’t decide on the round or square look, we have something that offers the best of both worlds for you. The round square-shaped look is a square-shaped nail with round corners. This look is very flattering on all nail types, but especially on short nails and work well if you want to apply some nail art on your nails. 


5.      Almond shaped nails 


The almond shape nail resembles the shape of an actual almond. It has thin sides and then gets wider closer to the base of the nail. 

This type of nail shape is most flattering on medium to long length nails. It can turn your basic manicure into something more glamourous and offers a very feminine look too. 

If you choose to go for an almond shape nail, we recommend that you choose either a plain, shiny or metallic nail polish to complete the look.


6.      Coffin/ Ballerina shaped nails 


Ballerina nails are sometimes also referred to as coffin nails. They have a similar shape to stiletto nails but what makes them different is that they have a squarer tip as opposed to a pointy one. 

This nail shape gets its name from the fact they this shape resembles both a coffin and a ballerina slipper. 

These nail shape suites narrow and square nail beds and it is a great shape that works well on acrylic nails.


7.      Stiletto / Pointed shaped nails 


As mentioned above, stiletto or pointed shape nails have pointed tips. In order to achieve this look, most nails have to be sculpted and shaped to get the tips as pointy as possible. 

Although this is a very glamourous look, it is important for our clients to know that it requires a lot of maintenance too. This nail shape is great if you want to use your nails to make a statement. 

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