Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa – Proud Owners of a Patent to Add Natural Diamonds on Nails 


Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa has some exciting news for all customers looking to add back some sparkle into their lives. Our President, Melany Viljoen currently owns a patent for installing natural diamonds on nails in South Africa. Read all about this and its exclusivity to our nail salons below.

In the glamourous world of nail and beauty, Tammy Taylor Nails is excited to bring you an exclusive opportunity to add bling to your nails! We, at Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa, are proud to announce that our luxurious nail salons own a patent to install natural diamonds on your nails at any one of our nail spa salons in South Africa. Find out more information about this unique service below.

Adding natural diamonds to your nails is a great way to turn plain and simple nails into a fashion accessory. Melany Viljoen, President of Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa, is proud to own a patent that allows Tammy Taylor Nails to be the only nail salon in South Africa to offer the service of installing natural diamonds onto our client’s nails. Having a patent simply means that our company has the sole right to this service in South Africa, and other nail salons offering this service can only do so with our permission.

Our professional nail technicians are fully trained to install hard to ignore sparkle statement gems onto your nails. We dedicate time and effort to make certain that all of our nail technicians are trained according to the high standards of Tammy Taylor Nails before proceeding to perform a manicure or pedicure on any one of our clients. The service of installing natural diamonds on to your nails leaves each client with a re-imagined overall ensemble that has never been done before in South Africa.

Expert technique, quality products, and effective time management and skills are what make us stand a cut above the rest. At Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa, it is our personal mission to ensure that all of our customers get treated like royalty and, nothing screams royalty other than diamonds. But of course, every successful natural diamond nail application starts off with choosing the right gems for your nails. We offer our clients the option to apply, remove and reinstall real natural diamonds on their nails.

Many women and girls are considering applying natural diamonds onto their nails to give their manicure an extra edge whilst showing off their glamourous personality too. From trendsetters to famous celebrities in South Africa, this unshared service can only be offered at a Tammy Taylor nail salon near you. We are extremely passionate about our customers and the service offered to them. For this reason, we have decided to take full ownership of our ideas and are fully prepared to take up any legal action against other businesses who use our invention without our permission.

How Does Adding Diamonds on Nails Work? 

If you are considering adding natural diamonds to your nails, the first question that would pop into your mind would be how does this process work? At Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa, we provide our fellow beauty kings and queens with an opportunity to install anywhere between one to twelve natural diamonds on their nails. Something that should be taken into account is the fact that the more diamonds you apply, the more it will cost and take time to install on to your nails.

We also offer the service of removing and reinstalling the diamonds from our client’s nails as per their request. Our nail technicians can remove and re-install anywhere between one to twelve diamonds on your nails. For more details on our prices and packages, be sure to browse through our nail salon price list on our website today.

Having healthy, trendy, and beautiful nails can really bring more self confidence in women and booth their esteem to much higher levels than before. There is a great variety of options to choose from. Let our team assist you in choosing the best styles for you. 

Our clients who choose to indulge in this service can expect to reap the following benefits:

  • Adding natural diamonds to your nails will help you to focus on yourself by taking some time out from your everyday duties of the world and have a therapeutic effect on your body.
  • Show off your personality through your nails by adding a little bit of sparkle to your life. If you are looking for an inexpensive way to add some creative outlet to your day-to-day looks then this solution is for you.
  • Adding natural nails to your diamonds is a great fashion statement. Your nails are the perfect canvas and adding diamonds to your nails can be a convenient way of wearing something creative.
  • Adding diamonds to your nails can really lift your mood, match your lifestyle, personality, or even your outfit. As women, we tend to coordinate our clothes with accessories, but now you can match your outfit with your nails too! Choose to make a bold statement or opt for something quieter and demurer. No matter what your personal choice is, we have the skills to produce only the best bling nails in the entire country.

Make your nail design sparkle and shine when you choose our service of adding natural diamonds on nails at any one of our one hundred Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa nail salons. Make sure to secure your next appointment by downloading our easy-to-use mobile bookings application software from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store today. Alternately, all of our customers are also welcome to call their nearest nail salon to find out more about this exclusive service. It is important to make sure that the Tammy Taylor nail salon in your area does offer this service before proceeding to make any bookings or appointments online. We look forward to adding some sparkle into your life soon.

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