Important Tips Your Nail Tech Wants You to Know

Important Tips Your Nail Tech Wants You to Know

For some people, getting a manicure or pedicure at a nail salon is the perfect way to unwind. Part of the reason so many of us spend so much money having our nails filed, polished, and painted by professionals that has exceptional nail technician training, is that we don’t know much about nail care. 


It’s a good idea to gain a little education before your next visit to the nail salon if you want to get the most out of it. There are so many things your nail technician is probably keeping to themselves, whether it’s for your physical health or their mental well-being. Here are some important tips your nail tech wants you to know about your nails and your nail care.

Useful Tips Your Nail Technician Wishes you knew

There are so many things that might turn a wonderful pampering session into a nightmare. Below we discuss the most important tips your nail technician wants you to know before booking your next treatment.

1.      Do not allow anyone to shave your calluses


If a nail salon offers to use a credo blade to shave your callus, it’s time to choose a new one. In most cases where customers allow their nail tech to do this, it has caused so much if damage to their feet, resulting in life-changing disasters. 

Instead, any good nail technician would recommend that you file away the calluses as opposed to shaving them off.

Calluses play a very important role when it comes to the overall state of our feet. It protects our feet from getting harmed on daily basis. Because we are so active and constantly on our feet throughout the day, the calluses prevent any wear and tear from occurring on our feet. 


2.      Try not to shave your legs before getting a pedicure


To avoid their technician touching their hairy legs, many people shave them before getting a pedicure. However, doing so may result in minor cuts on your legs, increasing your chances of getting an infection. Your nail tech would appreciate it if you hold off on shaving your legs until after a pedicure.


3.      Avoid getting your cuticles cut 


Our cuticles keep infection away from your nails and the skin around them. When you trim or clip your cuticles, bacteria and other germs have an easier time getting inside your body and causing an infection.

It is so important to rather request that your technician simply push your cuticles back, leaving the skin alone.

4.      Make sure to apply some cuticle oil on your fingers in between your appointments 


We all know that our nail technicians can perform miracles on our hands and feet, but you can make their job much easier by following their expert advice in between consultations

Your nail tech cannot stress enough on the use of cuticle oil in between sessions. This will keep your nails healthy and hydrated.


5.      Feel free to ask us if there has been proper sanitization done before the appointment


Don’t feel shy to ask your nail tech if the tools have been cleaned appropriately. 

We like to know that our clients are informed. In the event that a tool is dropped or damaged during the session, each manicurist is required to have three sets of tools on hand, one clean and a second back-up set.

As a client, one of the ways you can ensure that the tools are properly sanitized is by arriving early for your sessions to ensure that the tub you’ll be soaking in has been thoroughly cleaned.


6.      It is appropriate to tip your nail technician after the appointment


Tipping your nail tech means that you were happy with their service. Any tip worth up to 15 or 20 percent per service is a reasonable amount to provide and do so in cash at all times. 

While some salons will accept tips on credit cards, you never know if your nail technician will receive them, so cash is your best bet.


7.      Try to use gloves to protect your fresh manicure from coming in contact with water


When washing dishes or cleaning, we suggest wearing gloves to keep your hands dry. Prolonged contact with water can result in damaged fingernails.

The water and soap might cause the manicure to dry out, leaving it less glossy and more prone to chipping. You may also use olive oil from your kitchen to prepare a hand soak. Soak your hands for a few minutes, then rinse and apply your hand cream.

We At Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa believe that customer service is the key to our success. We pride ourselves on having the best and most qualified team of nail technicians to service our clients. Our staff has been trained following the high standards of the brand and go through a series of training programs before they are declared fit to service any one of our clients. 

All of our professional nail technicians in South Africa go through an intense training and recruitment program before they are hired to work with us. The training and recruitment program takes place in Pretoria, Gauteng over five days. During this five-day program, they are though different skills that will help them to become the best in their field. Even after our nail technicians are recruited, they still have the option to participate in all of the other training that takes place during the course of their time working with us. 

Our nail techs are more than just employees. We are a family at Tammy Taylor Nails and our clients form part of this relationship too. Next time you are looking to get your nails done by a professional, be sure to visit the nearest Tammy Taylor nail spa salon in your area. Call us today to book your next appointment with us. All of our customers are also welcome to download our app onto their smartphone to start making their own appointments online too. We can’t wait to see you in-store soon. 

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