Get Marble Nail Art Designs Applied onto Your Nails at Tammy Taylor Nails

Get Marble Nail Art Designs Applied onto Your Nails at Tammy Taylor Nails

Marble nail art designs is one of the fanciest designs out there. It is also known as the most popular type of nail art searched on social media platforms such as Instagram and Pinterest. At Tammy Taylor Nails we offer marble nail art services from our technicians with the best nail technician training to our customers in South Africa. Read more about this service below.



There are so many different types of nail art designs that are predicted to take centre stage this year, but our favourite has to be the famous marble nail art design. This design takes inspiration from the patterns we see on white marble that is often used on kitchen and bathroom countertops. This nail art manicure design applies the same white, black and grey freestyle patterns to your nails. 



This nail art design may look a bit complex, but the results are amazing! Customers want everything from marbling the entire nail to creating a negative space effect and using only the edges of the nail with a marble pattern. And it is not just about the black and white look either. Nowadays, most nail technicians choose to go for vibrant colours as opposed to the basic black and white pallet when recreating these designs for their client’s nails. 

How to Get That Marble Look on Your Nails

Whether you prefer to go the DIY route or have one of our professional nail technicians apply this design to your nails, the process of achieving this look is fairly simple. The marble nail art design can be achieved at home, but we recommend that you visit your nail tech and ask them to apply it on to your nails for a more professional look especially if you are a beginner at DIY nails. 


Here are the basic steps on how to get marble nail art applied to your nails:


Step One: Start by applying a base coat of nail polish to your nails. This can be in any colour that you choose, but remember your base coat colour needs to be the colour of the marble look you are going for. For example, if you want to achieve a white marble look on your nails, the colour of the nail polish you will use as a base coat will be white. 


Step Two: Next you want to dot some nail polish in another colour onto your nails. These dots of nail polish will be used to create that marble look over your base colour. Make sure to apply tiny dots of nail polish on the nail. 


Keeping with our example of the black and white marble look, for the dots you would choose to use black nail polish. 


Step Three: Take the first colour of polish that you put on your nails (basecoat) and make tiny dots on top of the dots that you previously made. 


Step Four: Now it’s time to take a small detail brush and swirl the dots of nail polish around to create natural swirls from the colours. 


Step Five: To complete your new marble look, make sure to apply a top coat to your nails and allow them to dry. We recommend that you try to use a matt nail polish top coat to give your look that professional look.

Tammy Taylor’s Services in South Africa.

At Tammy Taylor Nails, we take pride in treating our customers like royalty. We have over one hundred nail and beauty studios up and running in different areas of the country. 

We offer some of the most luxurious nail services in the country. One of the many services we have on offer includes that of marble nail art application. We charge our fee for this service based on a per nail system and it takes approximately fifteen minutes to apply this design on each nail. 

If you would like to book an appointment with us, make sure to give us a call today or use our innovative bookings app to secure your next appointment with us using your own mobile phone. 

Besides this service, our company holds a patent to apply natural diamonds on real nails. This means that our nail spa salons are the only place you can go to if you want to add bling to your next manicure. Our president of Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa Melany Viljoen currently owns this patent. 

Another great fact about our nail salons is that we are a unisex salon. This is great because it means that we also provide our services to male clients. To find out more about treatments for kins, make sure to speak to our friendly staff members today. 

Get In Touch to Book Your Next Appointment with Us

It is safe to say that the marble nail art trend is slowly taking over the world of manicures and pedicures. This effortless design is turning the basic manicure into a more sophisticated look. One of our pro tips when it comes to getting the best marble nail art look on your nails is to make sure to prep your nails before getting the treatment done. You can do this by filing them into shape and buffing your nails to give them an extra shiny look. 

To find out more information about our marble nail art services or to make an appointment of your own, you can give us a call on 010 591 1034 today. All of our customers can also download our mobile bookings tool to make their own appointments from their phones. The Tammy Taylor Nails mobile booking tool is available for download from either the Apple App Store or Google Play Store. Once you have downloaded the software and installed it on your device, make sure to register yourself as a user before making an online booking with us. If you do not register, we will have trouble finding your appointment. So make sure to register first as a user to avoid any disappointment.

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