Some of the Best Manicure and Pedicure Aftercare Advice to Make Your Treatment Last Longer


Are you searching for some useful manicure and pedicure aftercare advice that is simple to follow? Our tips and tricks will guarantee that you get more value for your money and will help you ensure that your treatment lasts longer than ever before. Read more below.

At Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa we believe that it is not just your salon experience that matters to us, we also like to take care in advising our clients on how to look after their nails once they have book a mani-pedi at any one of our nail and beauty salons across the country. Find out some of our best aftercare manicure and pedicure tips to help make your treatment last longer than expected.

If you have had the pleasure of booking a mani-pedi with us or maybe you are considering getting one done at a Tammy Taylor nail salon near you, you must keep these tips and tricks in mind when it comes to maintaining your fresh manicure or pedicure. We need to share aftercare tips with you to ensure that you get the most value for your money and to maximize and prolong the benefits of your treatment.

We may not take enough time to recognize this but the nails on our fingers and toes play an important role in our body. Our nails protect to act as a shield to protect our hands and feet as we use them to work with or walk around from one place to another. Neat, trimmed and well-cared nails make a statement that you take pride in your health and overall personal appearance.

At Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa we provide our customers with a variety of mani-pedi options to choose from these include:

Manicure treatments
  • Sculptured acrylic nails
  • Acrylic overlay on natural nails
  • Tips with acrylic overlay
  • Tips with gel polish applied onto the nail
Pedicure treatments
  • Express pedicure
  • Deluxe pedicure
  • Spa pedicure

All of our pedicure treatments provide the option to apply acrylic nail polish, gel polish, nail plumping, or the acrylic hybrid nail polish on your big toe only.

One of the most noteworthy facts about our nail spa salons in South Africa is that we are the only company to hold a patent to apply real diamonds on natural nails. Our president of Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa, Melany Viljoen, is the owner of this patent. Having this license means that we are the only nail salon in the country that has sole rights to the application of diamonds on your nails in the entire country. For more information on this service and our manicure or pedicure treatments, please speak to one of our professional staff members at a Tammy Taylor salon near you today.

Post-mani-pedi aftercare is really important if you want to get the best from your treatment and to ensure good nail and skin health.


Useful pedicure aftercare tips 

Here are a few useful tips to keep your toenails looking in tip-top shape after you have had one of our pedicure treatments:

  1. Avoid wearing any tightly fitted footwear after you’ve got your pedicure treatment done at a professional nail salon. Try to wear open-toe shoes.
  2. When you want to cut your toenails try not to cut them too short or down the sides. This will make them grow inwards.
  3. If you wear socks indoors or outdoors, try to change them as often as possible to keep your toes clean. It is best advised to wear cotton socks.
  4. Dry your feet thoroughly after washing them or taking a shower.
  5. Make sure to take time to apply some foot cream once you have finished bathing. This will keep your feet and toes hydrated and moisturized.
  6. Massage the cuticles on your toes with cuticle cream or oil to keep your cuticles feeling soft.
  7. Try to use an acetone-free nail varnish remover since this product is less harmful to the nail.

Our top manicure aftercare tips 

To get the most out of your hand treatment, we recommend that you follow these aftercare tips and advice as mentioned below:

  1. Avoid using any harsh soaps or contact with harsh chemicals after your treatment.
  2. Preferably try to wear gloves when doing activities such as gardening, washing the dishes, etc to prevent the nail polish from being removed or causing any damage to the nails such as chipping.
  3. We advise you to please ask your professional nail technician to apply a base coat under the nail polish. This will prevent it from staining.
  4. Use hand cream regularly to make your hand feel soft, hydrated, and moisturized.
  5. Make sure to dry your hands thoroughly after you have taken a bath or completed household chores such as washing the dishes.
  6. Keep your nails trimmed to a workable length, not too short.
  7. Try to do some simple hand exercises to keep your joints supple.
  8. Make follow-up appointments at your preferred nail salon for maintenance on your nails.

In terms of maintenance for your manicure, Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa offers their clients this service at all of their nail studies in the country. Our manicure maintenance service consists of acrylic fills, filing down your nails, shaping, buffing, acrylic files, and an acrylic soak.

Not only do we want to take extra good care of your nails but we also want to make sure that your skin feels rejuvenated too. Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa is proud to associate its brand with the Dr. Barbor range of skincare products. Dr. Barbor’s skincare range is Europe’s number one brand for the skin and we are proud to be the leading supplier of these products in South Africa. Dr. Barbor is a world-renowned skincare brand and is well known on an international level. This family-orientated company has more than sixty years of experience in its field. For more information about these products, our manicure and pedicure aftercare tips, and treatments, please feel free to contact us today. We look forward to providing you with our royal services soon.

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