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Pamper Your Hands with Our Range of Luxurious Hand Treatments Available

Visit Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa today and pamper your hands with our range of luxurious hand treatments available. Tammy Taylor Nails is an upmarket nail and beauty salon. The brand was first created by Tammy Taylor herself. At the age of eighteen, Tammy decided to open up her very own nail salon in America. Now, more than five years later, this nail brand has become one of the most trusted in the industry. 

Tammy Taylor Nails has more than one hundred nail sap salons operating in South Africa alone. The President of Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa, Melany Viljoen, first discovered this nail brand back in 2015 when she was looking for a new and exciting product to showcase to potential customers in her country. 

We at Tammy Taylor Nails know that our customers want to go the extra mile to look after their hands, especially in the winter. For this reason, we have a series of specialised hand treatments available on offer.

Our hands become dry because we use them to perform so many tasks during the day. It is important to take time to pamper your hands to avoid the skin on your hands from becoming dry and brittle. Dedicating that little extra time to look after your hands will pay off in a big way! Your hands will become softer and look nourished and moist. 

We spend a great deal of time taking care of our faces while neglecting other parts of our bodies, such as our hands and feet. We don’t realize how important it is to maintain our hands and feet. Not only is it important to look after these body parts, but it’s also necessary for a well-groomed appearance and to keep them germ-free. 

Luxurious Hand Treatments Available at Tammy Taylor Nails 

Maintaining our hands isn’t that difficult. Happy hands lead to a healthier and more enjoyable lifestyle. Our team understands this and wants to make sure that our clients can indulge in luxurious hand treatments without having to break the bank. 


We have the following natural hand treatments available on offer four our queens: 


Manicure only 



– add Gel Polish (Gelegance) 

– add Nail Polish 

– add Paraffin Wax




  • Shape, Buff & Shine 
  • Buff & Shine 
  • Nail Polish on Natural Nails 
  • One Gel Nail Repair 
  • One Acrylic Nail Repair 
  • Gel Soak Off/File Off Acrylic Soak Off /File Off


At Tammy Taylor Nails, we also have a series of hand treatments available for our young princesses. The Princess hand treatments were created for girls aged between six and fifteen years old. 


The Princess hand treatments consist of: 


Princess Manicure (only) 


– add Nail Polish 

– add Gel Polish (Gelegance) 

  • Princess Gel Polish (Gelegance) Nails (1 colour) 
  • Princess Nail Polish on Natural Nails 
  • Princess Soak Off Nails 
  • One Gel Nail Repair


Make sure to find out more about other Princess treatments available for your little girl to indulge in the next time you come to book an appointment for yourself at Tammy Taylor Nails. 

All of our Tammy Taylor nail salons in South Africa are unisex salons. This means that we also offer some of our services to our fellow kings who like to take care of themselves. 


Our hand treatments for the kings include: 


Manicure only 



  • Shape, Buff & Shine 
  • Buff & Shine 

– add Paraffin Wax Treatment


If you would like to book any one of these treatments, make sure to speak to our professional team today.

Why Should You Book a Treatment with Us? 

Nothing beats a trip to the spa for some relaxation, and at Tammy Taylor Nails, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the most lavish and royal pampering experiences possible.

We take pride in offering our clients nothing less than royal treatment each time they visit our exclusive nail salons. 

Our nail technicians have been trained with the best technician training available according to the high standards of the brand. Each nail tech that works on our team has gone through an intense training and recruitment program to ensure that they have the right skills to offer before they can practice hand treatments on our clients. 

Dead cells can be removed effectively with the help of your favourite hand treatment at Tammy Taylor Nail. Our hand treatments done by our team members have been professionally trained. This therapy is used to replenish, heal, and revitalize hands that have become naturally fatigued. 

One of the main aspects you would notice on each of your visits to our nail salons is that the design of our nail studios has taken inspiration from American design aesthetics. All of our nail salons have been designed in house by America shopfitters to give our studios that extra classy feel. 

Another reason why you should make sure to book your treatments with us is that we are more than just your average nail salon. We also provide our customers with the opportunity to experience other services besides nail treatments. 

We are the only nail salon in South Africa that holds a patent to apply natural diamonds on real nails. This means that you can only get natural diamonds applied to your nails at a Tammy Taylor nail salon in South Africa. Our current Presides of Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa, Melany Viljoen is the holder of this patent. 

For more information on our specialized hand treatments, or if you want to book one for yourself, make sure to call us to secure your appointment today. 

We have a dedicated app for our clients who are tech-savvy to use each time they want to make an appointment but cannot make it to come in store to do so. Introducing the Tammy Taylor Nails bookings app. This software allows the customer to make remote bookings from their smartphone. All you have to do is download and install the software onto your phone then register as a user on the platform. Once you have successfully registered as an active user, you can proceed to make your bookings and appointments. 

So, download the app today and make your first-hand appointment with us immediately. 

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