How to Make Yourself a More Employable Nail Technician 

How to Make Yourself a More Employable Nail Technician

Being a professional nail technician is a great way to become your boss and provide a service that helps uplift women all around the world. Getting your nails done can give you that extra boost of confidence you were looking for. Nail technicians are responsible for grooming their clients’ fingernails and toenails. They offer services such as manicures, pedicures, filing, shaping, and buffing your nails. In this article, we will discuss different ways qualified nail technicians can make themselves appear more employable in the cosmetology field.

What is a Nail Technician?

As mentioned above, nail technicians are professional beauty specialists who offer the service of hand and feet nail care treatments. Some of the services that a nail technician may provide include, but are not limited to shaping nails, doing gel nail treatments, applying nail art, and even nail polish to the nails.

Working as a Professional Nail Technician

Working as a professional nail technician offers a very flexible working schedule since the nail tech works by appointment only. But in the case where a nail technician works for well-known franchises, they may also take shifts with other nail techs working for the same company.

It is important to note that nail technicians work on a commission-based salary. This means the more clients you have, the high your income will be for the month.


Factors to Consider to Make Yourself a More Employable Nail Technician


As a nail technician, it is important to participate in various training courses to learn and master different techniques and learn skills that another nail tech may not have. One of the most basic classes that a nail technician can participate in would have to be attending a nail technician school. These schools are dedicated to teaching theory and practical lessons to any individual that is interested in becoming a professional nail technician.


Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa offers qualified nail technicians and beauty therapists a chance to join their monthly training and recruitment program. This five-day training course teaches eighteen candidates all of the skills they would need to know to apply nails the Tammy Taylor way. During the last few days of the training class, a selection of candidates will be provided with the opportunity to get recruited for Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa and work as a professional nail tech at any one of the one hundred nail and beauty salons in South Africa. This training and recruitment program is great for nail techs to learn and improve on their skill with the possibility of booking a job at a Tammy Taylor nail salon in South Africa.



Potential employers are always looking for nail technicians who take pride in their work and pay close attention to the small details. Mastering these two key factors comes with practice. Having previous working experience is always a bonus for any job you are applying for. Whether it is for a nail technician position or even a general admin job, most employers are always on the hunt for people who are familiar with the duties of the position they are applying for. Having a list of previous nail salons that you have worked at before or listing your clients on your CV will make you seem more employable to any person looking to hire a qualified nail technician.

become a more employable nail technician

Have an online presence

The truth of the matter is that most employers will take some time to look you up online. Having an online presence is a great way for nail technicians to market their skills and showcase some of their work to potential clients who may not know about their services. One of the best ways to use the power of the internet to make yourself more employable is by having an online portfolio. The online portfolio is where you will allow prospective employees and clients to view your work and show them what you are capable of should they hire you for the position.


Online portfolios make nail technicians seem more employable because it helps you to create a positive first impression on your potential employer. It allows them to get to know you and your skills, making them more interested in you as a suitable candidate for the job.


Keeping up to date with current nail trends

In general, nail techs need to keep up to date with the latest trends and nail application techniques. This helps them stay relevant in their field of work. For those nail technicians who are looking to be hired for paid work, learning about the latest nail trends will show your potential employer that you have a variety of skills you can provide to your clients. Many companies such a Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa offer the application of acrylic and gel nails. Having information about these techniques can place you far above the others when it comes to booking a nail tech job.


Offering skills that other nail technicians don’t have

One of the best ways you can use to further your chances of employability is to show your employer that you have acquired additional skills that other nail technicians may not have. You must demonstrate high-quality skills in all nail services that you provide. If you are a nail technician who can also offer beauty services such as waxing and facials, the chances that you will be employed over just an average nail technician are much higher.


While these additional skills do look attractive on a CV, it is good to keep in mind that these are just additional training that is not compulsory for all nail techs to do. There are plenty of job opportunities that just require the skills of a nail technician only.


Whatever job opportunity you aspire to gain in your journey as a professional nail technician, these factors mentioned above will ensure that you appear more employable next time you apply for a job.


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