Hello Boss Lady!

If you’re reading this blog post, you have an interest in becoming your own boss, running the salon of your dreams, or investing in a profitable business. The nail salon industry is booming – in the US alone, it is a $5-billion industry. Even though it is a well-established industry here in South Africa, there are still many opportunities for entrepreneurs who are committed to making a success of their business. Most nail salons are owned by women, which is encouraging for women empowerment across the globe, but especially in Africa where women business owners are less than men, and don’t always have the same support their male counterparts enjoy.

There are many good reasons for women to own nail salons – here are our top 5:
  1. Women are naturally drawn to the beauty industry
  2. Women have an eye for detail
  3. Women salon owners are empowering other women
  4. The retail hours of nail salons suit women with families
  5. Women run businesses with flair and style
Female entrepreneurship is an important source of economic growth – these women create jobs for themselves as well as others, helping support many more families through skilled empowerment. Hiring nail technicians also provides the opportunity for advancement through training, adding to the skilled workforce. Women also provide the business world with unique solutions to management, organisational and business challenges. Forbes notes that women now make up almost 40% of entrepreneurs – this number has grown almost 3000% since the early 1970s, showing that more women are committed to following their passion than ever before. If you want to start your own business, and the nail salon industry appeals to you, you’re in the right place! Just click here to start your journey, and we’ll be in touch. The rest will fall into place, and soon you’ll be a business owner in your own right!
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