A Quick Easy to Follow Guide to Nail Products types

A Quick Easy to Follow Guide to Nail Products


Whether you are headed to the salon for a bit of beauty pampering, or if you are looking to treat yourself at home to a new set of gorgeous nails, knowing which nail products will work best for what you have in mind is a helpful place to start your treatment.

The nail industry is one of the biggest in the beauty world.

Consumers all over the world spend millions on nail care products and nail art products each year, and while many will go to the salon for their treatment, for some it is an added expense and so they prefer to take care of their own nails at home.

For this reason, knowing the difference between the various products is important so that you can be sure that you end up using the products that suit your nails and your lifestyle.

From nail art to nail polish removal, to the aftercare treatment that will be needed to keep your nails healthy, in this quick guide to nail products, we are summarising the need-to-know information.


What is the difference between nail product types?


Usually, the difference between these 3 types of nails comes down to the look of the nail as well as the longevity of the nail.


Gel Nails:


Are incredibly popular these days precisely for their gel effect. These nails won’t crack, they are unlikely to fade and they don’t chip, making them incredibly versatile and perfectly suitable for the busy woman.


Acrylic Nails:


These are the next popular option, and they are best known for being incredibly tough and long-lasting.  These nails also make it possible to add length and they are fantastic for intricate nail art.


Rubber Based Nails:


Are similar to gel nails in that they provide a gel foundation and they are similar to acrylic nails in that they can both extend and strengthen a natural nail. They are also pretty fantastic for applying nail art.

Usually, the type of nail you choose will depend more on your personal preferences than anything else.


Nail Polish Remover Basics


The type of nail polish remover you opt for is a big deal because, depending on how often you are changing your nail art, the remover can actually do a lot of damage if it is not a quality product. Ideally, you should only change your nails once a month, to reduce the impact on your nails.

A good quality nail polish remover will not only remove all of the nail art but will also nourish the nail and become a part of your nail care treatment routine. One thing that it is best to avoid is a remover that has acetone.

And when your nails are back in their natural state again, you should give the nails some TLC to keep them in the best possible condition. This means the nail should be moisturised and strengthened, allowing them to grow longer and stronger.

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