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There are so many benefits of becoming a franchisee with Tammy Taylor, as opposed to starting up your own salon. While starting up the average business on your own can be an immensely stressful endeavour, when you buy a Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa franchise, you become a part of our growing family, and can look forward to having all of the help and support needed to make your salon a glowing success! Tammy Taylor is one of the best-known names in the nail world.


Having founded her first company in the United States of America in 1981, with just $400 and a tiny shop space, within 2 short years the company was expanding at such a rate that it went beyond simply offering a nail salon service and grew to include various other beauty treatments. The company was such a hit that in a short space of time, the Tammy Taylor brand started selling franchises.

Today Tammy Taylor is a name that is synonymous with success, and with the option of buying a nail salon franchise, those keen on entering the beauty business world as their own boss can greatly benefit from the knowledge that comes with buying into this brand.

South Africa has been home to Tammy Taylor Nails since 2013, run under the glamorously entrepreneurial eye of Melany Viljoen.

Melany happened to find Tammy Taylor through YouTube and was inspired to visit the Tammy Taylor Salon in the USA, where she came to an agreement with the company to become the sole owner and distributor of the brand here at home. After establishing her first Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa in the city of Pretoria, the franchise grew so quickly that in just a few short years there are now 40 salons across the country.

franchising with tammy taylor
Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa strives to be different. Our nail salons turn the conventional nail bar on its head, and that is part of the reason why we are so popular.


We understand that the modern South African woman is always on the lookout for something new to add to their beauty routine.

And with the unique nail and general beauty care services on offer at any Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa, including the ultra-glamorous diamond patent and the selection of Dr Barbor skin care products for sale exclusively in our salons, there is every reason why Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa is the preferred pamper parlour.

And this is also why joining our growing business is something that every savvy entrepreneurial spirit should consider.

Take back your independence, become your own boss


It has been said that owning a Tammy Taylor Nail Salon is not your average investment. Given the fact that the beauty industry is well-established and never short of customers when buying a nail salon franchise, it is easy to become an established presence in the beauty community.

Along with the fact that the industry is so popular and well supported when buying a Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa salon, you are not walking the path to business success on your own. 

Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa is not just committed to ensuring that customers enjoy the best services. The company is equally committed to giving the best possible support to franchisees getting set up.

When someone new joins the salon family, the company goes above and beyond to ensure that the new franchise is a huge success. Those buying a franchise won’t simply pay out x amount of money for the right to use the name and the branding of Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa, but will also be assisted in a variety of other ways.

There is also an option for current salon owners who’d like to convert their existing salon into a franchise.

benefits of becoming a franchisee with tammy taylor

Here are some of the Benefits


If you have a passion for beauty and you are looking for a better way in which to provide clients with your nail art, becoming a Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa franchise owner comes with numerous benefits, all of which can give you a huge business advantage.

The company is a part of the international Tammy Taylor brand and as such is supported by the company’s absolutely sterling reputation. While your franchise will have the local presence, your company will be backed up by global recognition.

The products used within each franchised salon are exclusive to the brand and these products are chosen based on their popularity and trend setting star quality. Each week, the products get a makeover, ensuring that they are still on trend and ready to meet beauty expectations. Buying a franchise means having access to exclusive training, for both your staff and yourself.

This training is primarily focused on nails and various other beauty treatments and is used to ensure that clients get the best possible service, in line with the beauty standards set by the global Tammy Taylor brand.

As an owner, you will have access to the assistance of a Regional Franchise and Success Manager who is able to give expert guidance. And along with having someone to call on for support, you will also be able to use the brand’s system which gives access to an app for making easy bookings, allows you to accurately do the necessary cash ups and the system will also assist with reliable stock control.

Becoming an owner also means having access to vital information for the business side of things. You will receive expert business training to ensure that the paperwork is always in order and your business profitable.

Franchise owners will also have permission to make use of branding materials and as part of the business start-up help, Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa will also help you select the right business premises and get it kit out with all of the shop fittings you will need in order to start pampering your clients. 

And once you are up and running, the support continues, with Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa always being just a quick call away should you need advice or guidance.

Owning a nail salon franchise is a smart business choice, and with our two options, which include the Tammy Taylor Nail & Pedi Bar and Tammy Taylor The Spa, just about everyone wannabe salon owner will find a suitable choice of the business plan.

Being a part of Tammy Taylor presents a learning opportunity


As one of the beauty giants at the forefront of the global beauty industry, when you become a part of this community by buying a franchise, you will have consistent access to both new and existing information that can be used to better your business or improve the beauty services that you want to offer to your clients.


Being a part of Tammy Taylor gives you access to a global brand name


Tammy Taylor International is a reputable beauty business that enjoys an exceptional, global reputation that you will be able to lean on when it comes to building a client base for your franchise. Being associated with this particular brand means you are buying a business that is already much beloved and well supported.


Being a part of Tammy Taylor will give you confidence


Business confidence that is. Starting a business and growing it to the point that it is a huge success takes some confidence. And to get that confidence the fast way, the easiest route to take is to buy into a successful brand. With the backing of Tammy Taylor, and with the exceptional help we give to franchise owners to help them establish a profitable business, you can feel more in control and more confident about being in business for yourself.


Being a part of Tammy Taylor is an investment


In the long run, the money, time and effort that you put into your Tammy Taylor franchise, will become your biggest investment. This is a huge benefit because growing a Tammy Taylor franchise of your own means you will be more in control of your income and your future. 

For more information about buying a Tammy Taylor Franchise, head over to our website where you can find all sorts of helpful information that you can use to get started.

To sign up for a franchise you can head over to the Tammy Taylor franchise page on our website where you can fill in the form. One of our consultants will be in touch to guide you through the process of owning your dream salon.

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