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Top 10 Colour Nail Designs that go with Everything


There is nothing worse than selecting a nail design or colour that is simply gorgeous, and then realising, to your horror, that it just doesn’t go with any of your outfits!

The choices, when it comes to nails, are seemingly endless. But although the art that is brought to life is going to be Instagram worthy, the most important consideration that you need to make is whether or not the shade you’ve opted for will complement your style or work against it.

Although nail colours and designs are considered makeup, they should be thought of as more of an accessory, since unlike other makeup, you won’t be chopping can changing your nail art every day.


These nail colours and designs are both universal and timeless, so when you next go to a Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa salon for a fresh coat, consider these options.

The Classic Red


Although red is considered far and wide to be the most classic nail finish of all, it is not exactly the kind of colour that suits everyone. If red is your hue then you can be sure that it will go with every outfit and will look incredibly stylish no matter the occasion.


Pretty in Pink


A lighter shade of pink is the kind of colour that just about every woman has worn at least once in her life. The shade is so soft and so neutral that it easily complements all kinds of outfits, that even the British royals have made it their signature colour.

Colour Nail

Cheerful Cherry


The deep berry hue, although quite striking, is still a shade that really can go with everything, especially since there are many colours that fall into this category. And if you don’t like red, this is the perfect alternative.


Bold Black


Black is not just a colour for goths. Because it is so neutral but at the same time incredibly chic, it literally looks great on anyone, no matter what they are wearing.


Graceful Grey


Not as striking as white, grey is a fantastic neutral colour to go for. A lighter shade of grey is extremely elegant and will quickly become a favourite for some.

Earthy Tones


Nail designs that include all sorts of earthy colours, one shade for each nail, is one trend that will suit any outfit you wear, because all of these shades are nude.


Deep Green


While a lighter green can clash with what you wear, going for a deeper green will have the exact opposite effect. A deep green will draw attention but it will match whatever you wear.


Beautiful Beige


In your youth, beige might not have been the most attractive colour, but as you grow older, you are more likely to appreciate it for it’s easy to blend in quality.


Navy Nails


Unless you haven’t picked up the trend yet, it is the darker colours, like navy, that tend to do the best when it comes to choosing a colour that is suitable, no matter what you wear.


Soft Lilac


The softness of lilac is what makes it such a fantastic colour, when you want something that goes with everything. To take things to the next level, you can go for ombre lilac nails.

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