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Best Spring Nail Trends for 2021


Spring has well and truly sprung and now is the time to shake off those winter blues and glam up with a set of spring-ready nails.


If you have neglected your nails during the past season, now is the time to top up your tips with shiny new colour and perhaps a splash of nail art, and start the new season the right way.


And at Tammy Taylor Global Franchising, we have all of the latest nail trends for you to explore. This spring, the nail trends are impressive but not overstated.

The colours are vibrant but in a sophisticated way, and the not complex but rather subtle application makes each look easy to achieve at home. The rules and fashions of the past are not shining through this season, making the Spring of 2021 a time to treat yourself to a little nail reinvention.


Perfect Nail Designs for Spring


Pastel Perfect


It is incredibly difficult to go wrong with pastels. The subtle shades and hues are complementary on just about every skin tone and since they are never over the top, you can expect that your nails will easily go with any outfit you wear. If you don’t plan on going to a salon to get your nails covered in a pastel shade, one way to achieve the look without having to buy all new colours is to add your favourite top coat colour to a cream base.

best spring nail trends

Sideway Stripes


Stripes of broad horizontal colours either across the top of the nail or across the whole nail are one way to take the manicured look to a creative new level. The colours can be complementary or they can be outrageous opposites, depending on what final look you’d like to go for. It can be very difficult to get your lines straight, so if you are concerned about not getting the lines just perfect, a visit to a nail salon is probably best.


Translucent Tips


An effect made possible by jelly nails, when you opt for translucent tips which can be pressed on or otherwise done, the look you achieve will be fancy and certainly not the everyday trend that every second person is sporting. This trend is for the trendsetter.


Going Green


Green nails are often either loved or hated because they tend to look better on some than on others. Although many would say that red is the more daring colour, it is green that can be the riskier of the two. Whether you go for a single shade of green or if interchange your colours by mixing and matching your greens, you can be sure the final result will be spring-ready.

Abstract Art


Line art has been a trend for a while now, but this spring it is really something special because it is taking on that perfect floral form. The great thing about this look is that this kind of nail art can be bought as stickers and then applied at home. If you want something more precise and completely unique, you can visit a nail salon to have the look added to your nails.   

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