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Why Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa is the Best Nail School for Aspiring Nail Technicians


The beauty industry is a bustling and ever-changing industry that keeps everyone it on the move and able to craft their creative talents. And one sector of the industry that is especially attractive to those who love makeup, who have a certain artistic talent, and who love to be social, is the nail art industry.

All throughout the world nail technicians are pushing the boundaries of their talents and setting new standards of both nail art and nail care. This highly attractive industry is also a great place to build a lifelong career and to make a name for oneself in a really competitive and wonderfully professional industry.

One of the best ways to enter this world, with all of the skills that you would need to immediately start working, is to go to nail school. And the next thing to do when choosing a nail school, is to make sure that you are choosing the best.

At Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa, we are well-known for our professional, and fashionable nail salons. In each salon, nail technicians are giving customers a gorgeous new set of nails, which are made to last without easily chipping or flacking. Not only do we offer our clients a fantastic nail art service, but we have also set up a nail school for aspiring nail technicians.


Given the fact that we are a part of the Tammy Taylor International Group, and as such we draw on so much talent and experience in the nail industry, we have the knowledge and the expertise to train new nail technicians. We equip our students with the basic techniques that they need to know, as well as the more advanced stuff, to give them the tools they need to forge their own highly successful careers in this creative world.

In our learning centers, which are kept clean and tidy according to the industry standards, we have everything needed to provide our students with an excellent learning experience that ranges from sanitation and workplace good habits, to nail art application and our more advanced techniques like the application of precious stones.

Our nail tech training includes conversion courses, advanced courses, sculpt workshops, gel technical classes, master classes, and operations and sales training. Whether you are just starting out in the industry or if you are an experienced tech, you can find something in our course lineup that will suit your needs and expectations.

Along with our many courses, you can also find various downloadable sheets on our website, including practice material, which can give you a taste of what to expect.

Classes are offered in Pretoria and Cape Town and each is offered at a very affordable rate, making them ideal if you are looking to advance your career in this field. For more information about what you will get out of our training courses, you can contact us. It is our promise to you that Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa is the best nail school for all aspiring nail technicians.

Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa is a well-established health and beauty franchise. Get in touch with our team today.

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