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At least your nails won’t be covered with a mask –Here are some benefits of having a manicure!


COVID-19 has changed the way we live, but it doesn’t have to change the way that we make ourselves look and feel more beautiful. While we are covering up most of our faces with masks and can’t show off our lipstick application skills, we can turn our attention to our nails and get a little creative with our nail art. Nail care should ideally always be a part of your overall beauty routine.

Whether or not you choose to adorn your nails with your favourite colours or if you are just wanting to take better care of your nails so that their natural beauty shines through, it helps to occasionally pay a visit to your nearest Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa beauty and nail bar. In any one of our stylish nationwide stores, our clients are treated to a nail pamper session. Our variety of nail beauty treatments (including the exclusive range of Dr Barbor skin care products) are made to make you feel like an absolute queen, and once you delve into the manicure world and its benefits, there is no going back!

Magic Manicure Benefits


Manicures are a great option if you are looking to give yourself a new look while also seeking a way to help your nails grow and develop in a healthier way.

Many forget that a manicure is about so much more than beautifying the nails, and that various treatments, and giving your nails the occasional touch up, can only be of benefit to your nail health.

We use our hands all day long, whether in the office or in the garden, and as such our nails often take quite the battering. Over time, nails can look uneven, and quite unattractive, but that is nothing that a little nail treatment can’t remedy.

Since your nails are constantly experiencing a lot of wear and tear, it is important that you treat yourself to a manicure ever so often. Even more so now, when your face is mostly covered while out and about, but you still want to put your best self forward.

Manicures should be done every 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the look you are trying to achieve. Anything less than this and your nails, especially if they are featuring a stunning gel treatment or a fashionable but simple coat of colour, will start growing and as they grow you will end up with unsightly gaps at the base of your nail art.

Not only will a manicure leave you feeling fresh with a new set of nails, but the actual act of having a manicure can leave you feeling relaxed.  And during these rather difficult COVID times, if you have the means, you really shouldn’t feel shy about giving your nails that sparkle treatment, especially if doing so can lift your mood.

manicure benefits

Here are the Many Benefits


A manicure is most certainly not a vanity treatment. Instead, it can be a benefit to your health and your mental well-being. When booking your next manicure treatment, keep in mind that you are not just going in for a beauty treatment that cannot be covered by a mask, you are also going to be enjoying a wellness treatment that during these upsetting times will be good for your soul.


Manicures improve your nails


Just take any ideas that you’ve been taught about manicures and gel treatments damaging your nails and throw them away!

In most cases, when you are visiting a nail salon like Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa, the treatment you receive is going to be a wonderful way to give your nails a little tender loving care. Consistently getting a manicure can drastically reduce infections, like the notorious under nail fungal infections, and such treatments can also give your nails and your hands more protection from the harshness of everyday life.

When getting your manicure, the dead skin is regularly removed and the skin cleaned, making way for new and often healthier skin to grow in its place. Your salon nail technician will also be able to give you great advice which you can use for better hand and nail care, something we at Tammy Taylor Global Franchising are passionate about.


Manicures are the ultimate spoil session


Having someone massage and treat your hands and nails is so good for your mental well-being and your manicure can be the perfect excuse for a monthly you-time treat. When planning your monthly mani you can browse through a catalogue of treatments and choose the one that will benefit you the most. The treatment you opt for can change from one month to the next, depending on how you feel, and no matter which option you go for, when you walk out of the salon, you will feel renewed.

Manicures are the perfect excuse to add some bling to your life


Sure, the basic manicure is never going to go out of fashion, but it is far from the only kind of nail beauty treatment that you can experience. At Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa we are huge fans of adding something shiny to nails and we have a diamond patent treatment that allows us to offer a more exclusive and elaborate look using natural diamonds on acrylic nails. We are the only salon in South Africa offering this kind of service and it is definitely something to try at least once in your life.


Manicures keep your hands smooth


Smooth hands are something we take for granted, until, the skin starts feeling like sandpaper! It happens, but it doesn’t have to be a permanent part of who you are.

french nails

With a regular manicure, your hands will always feel soft and smooth, free of dead skin and any dirt that you might not even be aware of.


Manicures De-Stress


Manicures are so much more than the addition of beautiful nail art. They are a de-stressing treatment that will help you unwind, while also fixing any damage done by stress nail-biting (we feel you!). Spending just half an hour in the salon with your hands being given a soothing massage, followed by the application of nail art that you can proudly flaunt when you are out and about, can leave you feeling less stressed about life.

Tammy Taylor Nails South Africa is a well-established health and beauty franchise. Get in touch with our team today.

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