Are You Offering An Unmatched Experience

Customer experience is everything – it even has its own abbreviation these days: CX. Are you offering your customers an unmatched experience that will keep them coming back again and again? Nowhere else in South Africa will you find the exclusive, personalised, indulgent experience that waits for clients through the doors of a Tammy Taylor Nails Salon. Catering to only the most discerning clientele, Tammy Taylor Nails understands what it means to treat clients like queens. A glass of champagne, an indulgent slice of cake, a personalised greeting – these are just a few of the special touches that make visiting a Tammy Taylor Nails salon more than just an experience – it’s like being transported to a world of glamour, style, radiance and sheer luxury.

Tammy Taylor Nails Client Profile:
  • Upper LSM (9 – 11)
  • Female, high earner
  • Discerning shopper
  • Only wears luxury brands
  • International traveller
  • Looking for experiences, not a production-line
  • Expects to be treated like a queen
  • Values quality over cost
  • Large social media following
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