5 Career Options for Nail Technicians

5 Career Options for Nail Technicians


If you are someone who is considering working as a professional nail technician in South Africa and are struggling to find a career option that works for you, we have you covered! In this article, we break down our top five career options for aspiring nail technicians to branch into. Taking the time to research possible careers is a very important step on your journey as a nail technician. This decision sums up how you as a qualified nail tech will earn money and the amount of time you will spend doing your job.


One of the biggest advantages of working as a nail tech is that they have the opportunity to do creative work in an exciting field. From applying different shades of polish onto their client’s nails to creating nail art designs and more, there is no doubt that nail technicians are passionate about the work that they do.


Our Top Five Nail Career Options for Nail Technicians Working in the Industry


1.      Spa or salon manicure and pedicurist

One of the first, and maybe most popular career options for a nail technician would have to be working as professional manicurists or pedicurists for a nail spa salon. Nail technicians who choose to follow this career path can look forward to performing tasks such as trimming, shaping, and cutting their client’s nails. Manicure and pedicurists work solely with their clients’ fingernails and/or toenails.


Working as a manicurist or pedicurist at a spa means that you will have a steady income. It is important to note here that nail care specialist determines their salary each month by how much work they do. They have unlimited income potential, so working for a nail spa salon will ensure that your income will continue for some time in the most dependable way possible.


2.      Professional nail consultant

As a nail technician, you will notice that your clients rely on your expertise to recommend the best products for them and in some instances, to offer your advice on aftercare for their nails. If you have interests in the retail aspect of being a nail technician, you should consider a career as a professional nail consultant.


Working as a nail consultant means that you could help people and, in some instances, celebrities choose the best products to apply on their nails or even start your blog offering nail care tips and tricks that you may have learned working as a professional in the industry. What is important to remember here is that you would want to build up a portfolio to show your skills to the people that you may work with.

natural diamonds on real nails

3.      An educator on nail applications

Turn your love for sharing your expertise with your clients into a career when you choose to become a nail tech educator. Pursuing a career as a nail tech educator will allow you to pass down the skills that helped you become a great nail technician to all those generations to come.

One of the most important things to remember if you want to come to a nail tech educator or trainer is that you need to have proven working experience as a nail tech, complete a manicure training course and also obtain a license that will allow you to follow this career path. Having your very own nail technician license could potentially open up different avenues for you in this field of work and it increases your marketability and professionalism as a qualified nail technician.


4.      Mobile nail technician

If working for a professional nail salon is not your scene but you still want to apply nails for a living, why not choose to follow the career path of a mobile nail technician. Mobile nail technicians usually offer an on-call service, which means that they are required to drive to their client’s residence and deliver their service. This is a great career to follow, especially since the demand for at-home nail services continues to grow due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Some of the advantages of choosing a career as a mobile nail technician include:

  • Flexibility. This means that you can fit your working schedule around your family life and other commitments that you may have.
  • Gaining a more personal relationship with each of your clients. Working as a mobile nail technician means that the relationships you build with your clients become extremely personal. This is because of the fact that your clients are welcoming you into their own personal living environment.


5.      Nail salon owner

The last, and most sought-after career option that all nail technicians aspire to achieve is becoming a nail salon owner. As a nail technician, there is nothing more satisfying than being your own boss. Operating your own nail salon means that you are responsible for generating business and attracting customers, placing orders for the nail products used at your nail salon, and even supervising other nail techs that work for your business.


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We hope that these five career options for nail technicians mentioned above help you to make your next career move in your field of work. For the past thirty-five years, Tammy Taylor Nails has been turning women into a queen. We have been providing our clients with the confidence they need to get through their day each time they get a nail treatment done by us.


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